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We opened our second boutique, Level iii, in 2013.  Targeted at a trendier crowd, we carry some junior-sized styles along with missy sizes.  Level iii could have been called 3rd Generation for its founder, but one of our first employees said that in her family they refer to generations as levels.  Thus Level iii (3)!  Located across the street from Dot & Minnie's on 1st Avenue in Perham, Minnesota.

Level iii logo
Dot & Minnie's is a true women's apparel and accessories boutique. We offer Missy sizes of classic, but unique fashions and carry a wide variety of amazing costume jewelry, scarves, and handbags.

Established in 2012, the store is owned and operated by Andrea Greiff, a native of Perham. Dot and Minnie were the names of her grandmothers and now they will continue to be with her every day!  (Actually, Dorothy and Lenora Minnie, but that didn't quite roll off the tongue...) 

The evolution of the store over the past 10 years has been incredible.  Our brands and styles have gotten bolder as we've learned the tastes of our wonderful customers.  And the jewelry!  Go bold or go home :)!!

Visit us, downtown Perham, MN!Minnie's familyDorothy with her littles

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